Sangola Urban Bank

this is About Sangola Bank

The Sangola Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd. Sangola was established in the year 1996 by founder Dr. Prabhakar Eknath Mali with the noble aim of taking the bank and banking to the common people by adopting the principle of cooperation in banking and the same purpose has been fulfilled up to a great extent and now bank is developing as a large bank with the use of latest technology and infrastructure and best customer service, the bank has made an extra-ordinary progress in loaning, recovery and deposit and developing its strength in various urban Locations.

Business Growth

  • 1. Established on 20th Feb 1996
  • 2. Started as a small Cooperative Bank in Sangola within the area of operation in munciple ward and Gradually increasing its branches up to 4
  • 3. Now Bank is having network 4 branches and shortly opening new 6 branches more.
  • 4. Crossed total business of Rs. 265.4477 cr.
  • 5. Now The bank is giving following facility to the customers a) Lockers Facility b) RTGS/NEFT c) SMS Banking d) Core banking Services e) ATM
  • 6. Bank Has been awarded as best bank many awards from well known institutions like The Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Banks Association Ltd. Mumbai, Solapur Zilha Nagri Sahakari Banks Co-Op. Association Ltd. Solapur, Avis Prakashan Kolhapur, Galaxy Enama Pune.
  • 7. Bank has maintained the level of NPA. -0.49% during last year.


Sangola Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd. Sangola