Who can open an account: Individual Deposit for opening Saving Account & minimum balance to be maintained in the account :Rs.100/-

Interest Rate: 4% for daily closing balance payable once in Quarterly.

Statement of Account : Bank will issue passbook of account to the accountholder on transaction.

Who can open an account: Partnership firm, Private/ Public ltd. Co. op. Socities, Private/ Public Trust, Educational Institutions, Others, Proprietorship, Liquidators, Hindu Undivided Family. Initial Deposit for opening Currrent Account & minimum balance to be maintained in the account : Rs.1000/-

Interest Rate: No Interest will be paid on the balance in Current Account.

Statement of Account : Bank will issue statement of account to the accountholder once in a month.

(CBS) is networking of branches, which enables Customers to operate their accounts, and avail banking services from any branch of the Bank on CBS network, regardless of where he maintains his account. The customer is no more the customer of a Branch. He becomes the Banks Customer. Thus CBS is a step towards enhancing customer convenience through anywhere and anytime Banking.

Customer of any branches of the bank can aware the various banking facilities from any other branch of the bank.

These services are :
  • To make enquiries about the balance; debit or credit entries in the account.
  • To obtain cash payment out of his account by tendering a cheque.
  • To deposit a cheque for collection.
  • To deposit cash into the account.
  • To deposit cheques / cash into account of some other person who has account in any branch.
  • To get statement of account
  • To transfer funds from his account to any other account, provided accounts are in any branches of the bank.
  • To obtain Demand Drafts or Banker's Cheques from any branch in CBS

All these aim to provide convenient, efficient, and high quality banking experience to the customers, comparable to world class standards.

SMS banking service provides instant notification about your transactions as and when it happens. It helps you to keep a watch on your account with a round the clock service. Every debit or credit in your account over a limit desired by you is intimated by SMS. Now, with SMS Banking service, you are always in a position to detect unauthorized access to your account Additionally, banking also helps you to know your balance instantly by just give missed call (on yours registered mobile number) to this number 8805021170.

SMS Banking Services are available for the customers of the Bank by using the SMS feature of mobile phones. Customer will be able to know the latest balance and last 3 transactions in their accounts.

Cheque issue facility are available for the customers of our Bank.

When you deposit a cheque to your service one account it will usually take 3 working days to clear, but may take longer in some cases. CTS Cheque are available.

Locker types:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
* For Locker Rent, Refer Service Charges.

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